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Pedreña Pretium Golf –
La Junquera


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Includes 18-hole green fee + 75-ball bucket (driving range) 

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Pedreña Pretium Golf – <br> La Junquera
Barrio la Junquera, 350
39130 Pedreña, Cantabria
+34 942 50 10 40


How to go?

Pedreña Pretium Golf –
La Junquera

The Pretium Golf La Junquera Course is located on the Astillero - Pedreña road , just at the entrance of this beautiful rocky town belonging to the Municipality of the Marina deCudeyo City Council. The location of this course is beautiful, considering itslandscape and location value.

The route has been adapted to the nature of the municipal land of La Junquera, (the name comes from in the past, the whole land was a marsh with vegetation where reeds were abundant).

The field is located in Pedreña, a peninsula south of the bay of Santander. Due to its situation, landscapes and use of the land, La Junquera is unique, in courses with 9-hole courses; the views of the bay and the city of Santander, as well as the Picos de Europa are extraordinary.

The Pretium Golf La Junquera de Pedreña course was inaugurated in May 1997 and is very selective. Due to its characteristics, a maximum degree of concentration is necessary since, otherwise, it is certain that double bogeys and even triple bogeys will fall very easily.

It is a short course but with a lot of technique and precision, holes 2, 3 and 4 are surely the most difficult with hole 6, since the first ones are all right side bathed by the Bay.

The course is not for playing many woods, it is a field for good iron players, as well as for those who excel in the short game and on the green .

Our practice range has a shooting area, a putting green , an approach area and a practice bunker. In addition, we are constantly improving it to ensure that our partners have more efficient training.

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