Please request your digital stamp from every course before your trip

You will need it to benefit from the exclusive services designed for Ruta 365.
It will also enable you to take part in rankings, prizes and drawings.

Read carefully the steps required to get your digital stamp:
Registro web


Visit, go to  Login/Create Account and register. It only takes a minute.

You only need to register once, and then you will always be able to access your private area with your username and password.

Solicitud de validación

Request digital stamp

Prior to your date of play, access your private area, add one by one the courses you intend to play, and click on “Request digital stamp”.

This should be done with plenty of time before your trip once the reservation has been confirmed.

Sello digital

Validate digital stamp

Upon receiving your request, the golf course will expect to welcome you on the chosen date. As you register at the pro shop on the day of play, make sure that your name is identified so the course can validate your digital stamp.

You will receive a confirmation email, and it will be recorded in your private area that you have played and “digitally stamped” that golf course. Congrats!

       Download the Ruta 365 procedure

Register and enjoy all the benefits, offers, prizes and drawings.

RUTA 365 passport
Request your Ruta 365 passport at any of the golf courses included in the Ruta 365 programme.

Treasure your memories. Trips and fun with friends and family!

Put your name on your passport and keep it safely.
Have it stamped at the pro shop every time you visit a golf course. Each course has its own stamp, so you can start collecting them.

Just as pilgrims get their credentials stamped along the Route of Santiago de Compostela, you will accumulate stamps in your passport as an actual testimony of your golf route experiences.

And not only will it bring back fond memories, but it may also serve to identify you at the pro shop if required.


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