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Club de Golf Val de Rois

Coruña, A

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Club de Golf Val de Rois
Lugar as Gándaras s/n, Seira
15911 Rois, Coruña, A
+34 981 810 864


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Club de Golf Val de Rois

Val de Rois is a family club, with charming facilities, reminiscent of those of an English club, in which both members and visitors will feel at home. Our great quality is the friendliness and closeness of our staff . The club is located in a valley through which the river Sar passes and is in the heart of the Camino de Santiago.

The Val de Rois route could be defined as friendly, without slopes and comfortable to walk. The greatest difficulty is its length, which is 5,576 meters for men and 5,304 meters for women. The state of maintenance is very uniform, so that all players, regardless of the day they play, find the course in perfect condition. The state of the pitch is our greatest concern, which is why all our efforts are focused on its care.

It is a route that greatly conditions the strategy based on the punch and technical quality. Our greens have a good speed, with falls that are not obvious and in some cases, difficult to appreciate. We can boast of having large tees in perfect condition and also very well-kept fairways.

The course always has a high level of maintenance and our restaurant will offer the visitor typical Galician food in which the good product is the protagonist.

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